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wearable support for smartphones and tablets up to 10"
€ 36.50
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Sospendo is the revolutionary support designed by Tucano.
A flexible arm connected to a rig, to wear or to lay on any surface, allowing you to interact with your device without the use of your hands.
Sospendo allows for easy typing and device use with a hands free apparatus.
Tablet or smartphone is secured in the horizontal or vertical position. Sospendo works, relaxes, travels and cooks.
You can use it on your sofa or in the kitchen, while traveling, on your bed or in your office. Sospendo is a useful ally to aid in a wide range of disabilities.

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€ 36.50


  • RIG with magnetic locking system and adjustable elastic cords.
  • Flexible aluminum band to be worn around the body or utilized as a stand.
  • Universal rig for smartphones and tablets up to 10”
  • Silicone coating

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