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booklet case for iPhone 8 Plus e iPhone 7 Plus
€ 29.90
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Eco leather case for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus that protects efficiently from the electromagnetic waves thanks to our Anti-Radiation System, when you speak with the flap closed. Dueiuno is two covers in one. It can both be a booklet and a practical detachable back cover, attached with a magnet to offer maximum use flexibility depending on necessities. For a greater shock protection the back cover has a rigid deisgn. Inside is covered in velvety anti scartch material with a fit pocket for a credit card. The stand up grants a comfortable landscape view for videos and all.

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€ 29.90


  • Booklet case with pratical back cover detachable
  • The ANTI-RADIATION SYSTEM protects you efficiently from the radiation
  • Special fit to carry credit card
  • Rigid back shell
  • Anti-scratch velvety lining inside
  • Landscape stand for comfortable vision
  • The speaker holes allow to chat with the flap closed

Technical details

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Designed foriPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus