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Galleria Ezzelino, ang. Via Breda
35139 Padova

+39 049 661412

daily from 10.00 to 13.30 and from 15.00 to 19.30
Sunday and Monday morning

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The Tucano Store in Padua is located on a characteristic street in the old centre, just moments from the Piazza della Frutta and Piazza delle Erbe squares.

The store is laid out as an airy open space bordered by three glass walls, designed to let the city's rhythm permeate inside. This bright and well-organised environment will let you get to know all the collections and solutions thought up by Tucano's designers up close.

You can touch them and even try them out directly on the large table in the centre of the store. This counter space has also been designed to provide a meeting point for people. Almost a sort of marketplace, reminiscent of the spirit of Padua, an ancient city so full of squares or piazzas.

The store combines the different spirits of Tucano's various collections: over here an area dedicated to our products for urban cyclists, over there all the elegance of our real leather products. And in the middle, our entire range of cases, covers and bags for every kind of device.