Want to get away? This is how to organise it all

6 May 2015
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Spring has arrived, the weather warms up and you are already counting down to your summer holiday. Have you already decided where to go?

Well, every place has a story to tell whether it’s the sea, mountains or a city. The problem is not immortalising the colours of a sunset or the feel on the street as much as understanding the character of a new destination.

This difference, character, makes a photo stand the test of time. So as well as getting your ticket and bags ready, here are a few very important points to keep in mind to make sure you’re ready for your holiday. Because photos should not only document your trip but also capture its essence. Here’s how.



The first rule is not in fact to charge up your Reflex’s batteries but to spend a little time on research. So, before hoping on the plane you should read a few books, research online, speak to friends and acquaintances who have already visited the destination to find out even the smallest detail and don’t take off unprepared. Because the most important thing is understanding the habits and traditions of a place.

Is there more? Of course, because we have hints even for when you have landed. First, always have a notepad to hand and jot everything down such as your feelings, the aroma of a new place, the temperature, colours, etc. First impressions are indispensable for the snaps that you’ll take.


In viaggioPhoto © Alessandro Grussu

Lose Yoursef and Try Something New

The only way to really experience your destination is to experiment.

So don’t just do the same old thing but get out of bed early, wander around, get lost and stay out late. Live as the city you are visiting lives, sit in coffee shops and look at the people. Leave the tourist trail and try out new places, speak with the people and find out about the most typical places. It’s this very curiosity and cultural impact that creates the best snaps, those that above all come from the heart.



In viaggioPhoto © Rickz


Capture the Moment

So you’ve done your research, tried out something different, but the most important thing for the very best photos is knowing how to capture the moment. It’s not just a case of keeping your eyes open but making sure you always have your camera to hand. Because the traveller knows the rules are: breakfast, map, Reflex to hand and off you go!

That’s why our e-shop features Scatto, a top loading bag to make sure that you’re camera is always to hand and highly protected.

Let’s look at its features. Colourful, fun and multi-use. Inside are dividers that you can arrange and remove, so that you can organise your photo kit during the day and then remove them in the evening to create a bag for any occasion.

Scatto is available in two models. Holster is the more practical and lighter version, for those who want to be free to move around. Large is more spacious, for those who want to have everything to hand. It has space not only for your camera but for two lenses as well.


Scatto camera bag
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Cover photo © Josh Liba