University Box Tour 2015, slogan #TucanoDefence

28 April 2015
UniversityBox Tour maggio 2015

We are in an exciting period at Tucano and the preparations are multiplying. The countdown has already begun and in order to be sure we don’t miss a single moment, we have set up a large notice board in our offices. Also this year, University Box, an exciting new tour of universities in Italy is about to start. Our bags are almost packed, we just need to buy the tickets and then we’re off.

This year we’re cooking up lots of new things. Let’s start by revealing that our slogan for our 2015 tour will be #TucanoDefence. Even a topic like protection can lead to a smile if faced with the right approach.


UniversityBox Tour
UniversityBox Tour



There will also be a lot of gadgets, giveaways and a discount code to use for our covers and backpacks.
So, we’ll see you around Italy. Especially at these stops:



May 5th – 7th at Università La Sapienza, Cittadella Universitaria



May 5th at Polo Umanistico former Benedictine Monastery in Piazza Dante
May 6th and 7th at Polo di via Santa Sofia at the Engineering Department atrium




May 12th at the Engineering Department, Piazzale Tecchio
May 13th and 14th at Polo di Monte S. Angelo (via Cynthia)




May 12th – 14th in the area in front of the Economics Department and at the Torre Archimede at the intersection of via Ugo Bassi and via Trieste next to the Lungargine del Piovego




May 19th – 21st in the DSU Toscana Area with entrances at Piazza dei Cavalieri and via Martiri




May 19th at the Polo Giuridico Economic on via Sant’Ignazio, 74
May 20th and 21st at Polo di Monserrato – Statale 554 – Bivio per Sestu (CA)




May 19th – 21st at Politecnico in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci, 32



Come find us, we’ll be waiting for you.