Tucano is the official partner of WOBI, World Of Business Ideas

1 December 2016

Once more Tucano bags will be appreciated in the halls of WOBI, main management and innovation events worldwide. Milan, New York, Mexico City and Bogotà will be the cities where are our bags are going to be given to every participant, consolidating once again the relationship between WOBI and Tucano.
Two models are designed for the occasion:


Lightweight bags featuring a modern Italian style, high quality and innovative designs aligned with the evolving expectations of the consumer.




In Milan, this years’ title “Be Beta, siamo tutti in uno stato Beta permanente” well represented the technology, research, marketing and innovative spirit of Tucano. Among the guests that discussed transformations within the digital world, there were Arianna Huffington, Ken Segall, Oscar Di Montigny, Martin Lindstrom, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Herminia Ibarra. Within the intellectual framework of the event, these key note speakers shared insights into the economy, development, risks, and creativity.