The new Anti-Radiation covers that will help you live better

14 May 2015
Cover anti radiazioni Anti-Radiation System

At Tucano Lab we have a lot of projects in the pipeline, and our walls are full of ideas and sketches to help improve everyday life. Because, in order to achieve big things, you must start by dreaming. Today we present our latest anti-radiation cases, the best of our expertise “Made in Tucano”, that provide extra protection when living with technology every day. Let’s see how they work.

These latest covers with our Anti-Radiation System have a layer in technological material in the front flap that reduces the electromagnetic waves of devices without compromising the reception signal. In other words, it is an ad hoc technology that has been studied for improving people’s health without affecting their business requirements.

For this reason, the back of the phone isn’t insulated and… you can hear: they really work!


Materiale tecnico anti radiazioni - Anti radiation technical material


Our Anti-Radiation covers have also been tested in a laboratory by Nemko, an international, independent body for certifying electric and electronic devices. How? By measuring the emission levels of the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones, with and without the Tucano anti-radiation covers. All this, by measuring the reduction of radiation in decibels.

Below, there is an example of a test of one of our Anti-Radiation covers on an iPhone 6 where, on the GSM 900MHz frequency, there is a reduction of 15.55 decibel milliwatts (dBm).

What is dBm? It is a unit of measurement of the difference of the level of radiation from a mobile phone with and without an Anti-Radiation cover.


Abbattimento delle radiazioni dello smartphone - Reduction of smartphone radiations


On our site,, you can find our exclusive two new Anti-Radiation covers, Libro and Tape. Libro is specifically made for the S6 and S6 Edge, whilst Tape is a universal cover with Join Me technology for HTC, Asus and Lumia and also for new Chinese tigers such as Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi and many other brands.

Choose the version of Tape that fits your smartphone.