From the stratosphere to the World Business Forum

13 October 2014
World Business Forum Milano 28-29 ottobre 2014

What would a man who has jumped to earth from almost 24 miles up say to an audience of managers?


Soon we will find out from the man himself – Felix Baumgartner, the world-famous skydiver who surpassed himself and shattered all records by jumping out of a balloon from the stratosphere for the Red Bull Stratos mission.


Felix Baumgartner (AUT) - Portrait


Do you remember?



Alongside him will be Oliver Stone, the legendary director of films such as Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July, and winner of three Academy Awards.


Oliver Stone @ World Business Forum


We will also find Steve Wozniak, one of the icons of Silicon Valley and a legend for Apple fans like us, as “father” of the Apple I, the world’s first personal computer.


Steve Wozniak @ World Business Forum


These are just some of the lateral thinkers, innovators and disruptors who will be on stage at the World Business Forum in Milan on the 28th and 29th of October, sharing tales and inspiration with those at the reins of major organisations in Italy and beyond.


An exaggeration? Not really.


Organised by Wobi, the World Business Forum is a unique event, as it lets the leaders of major companies compare ideas with each other and with speakers of note from around the world, each a disruptor and provocateur in their own field.


World Business Forum Milano


Indeed, the title of this event is provocateurs, as it aims to provoke development of original and innovative approaches to business. Ours is a complex era, made up of sudden change, growing challenges and fluid situations, and is one which requires those with roles of responsibility to be particularly creative: they must at the same time plan and improvise, preserve and destroy, command and collaborate.

Not an insignificant challenge!

We will also be at this remarkable event, with a “Tucano area” designed more as a modern take on a traditional salon, where ideas can be exchanged, than as a simple display stand. A place to intercept the stimuli flying around, where our Tucano 2 Business colleagues will be ready to take on the challenge.


It will certainly be interesting to meet such a wide range of personalities who are able to see beyond the “here and now” to bring forward the future.




World Business Forum

28-29 October 2014

MiCO Congress Center

Viale Eginardo, Gate 2, Milano