Design and cinema, an endless affair at MDFF.

1 October 2014
Milano Design Film Festival 2014

Design and buildings. Design and people. Design in every corner of our cities.

The multi-faceted material that we label as “design” is part of our daily life, from sunrise to sunset. At times, we aren’t even aware of it, and at others, it’s right in front of our eyes, in architecture and everyday objects.

MDFF Milano Design Film Festival returns to celebrate design on the big screen from 9 to 12 October at the Anteo spazioCinema, strategically located between the “classical” Brera district and the latest vertical architecture of Porta Garibaldi.

We love projects that put the spotlights on our city and its creative energy. After last year’s first edition, So we’re delighted to be heading back to the second MDFF. We’d love you to come along to this event, featuring even more content and space, that will bring original productions by affirmed artists and young upcoming Italian talents to the big screen.

It all kicks off on Thursday 9 October with the film Cathedrals of Culture. Pooling the work of six filmmakers, the project, overseen by Wim Wenders, addresses the question: “If buildings could talk, what would they say about us?” Each of the six directors, including Robert Redford, takes a close look at a building, letting the pictures speak for themselves.

There’s the Berlin Philharmonic, alongside the Halden “model” prison in Norway, Paris’s Pompidou Centre and the Opernhaus in Oslo. Here’s a sneak preview:



Of course, all the big names are there. But the spotlight is also on those who innovate. Talking about innovation, don’t miss the film that we at Tucano have chosen to support: Print the Legend, a journey documenting the last frontiers of 3D printing… with extreme consequence. And the journey starts here:



We are big fans of all everyday heroes, makers in every field that innovate day in and day out, in areas ranging from design to cinema, architecture and high technology. Print the Legend caught our attention from the outset.

Cinema and design have always been interlinked, right from the birth of cinema. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the festival will feature two of the first films on architecture: Neues Wohnen. Haus Gropius by Richard Paulick (1926) and Les Mystères du Château du Dé by Man Ray (1929). Two absolute must-sees.

But cinema is also about probing. To explore the impact that design and architecture have on people’s lives, you couldn’t do better that to watch Torre David, a film by Daniel Schwartz and Markus Kneer about the skyscraper-favela of Caracas (in the spotlight at the 2012 Biennale di Venezia), or Ekümenopolis, by Ucu Olmayan Sehir, which explores Istanbul as a paradigm of changing metropolis.


Torre David by Daniel Schwartz, Markus Kneer Caracas 2013

Torre David
by Daniel Schwartz, Markus Kneer Caracas 2013

Then there are the portraits. The camera is turned on the big design names, in films such as Design is One. Directors Kathy Brew and Roberto Guerra capture the adventures of Massimo and Lella Vignelli, as they take their fresh and innovative designs to the US starting in the ’60s.



The Milan Design Film Festival is a vehicle promoting new Italian talent. The films alternate with a selection of short films by young Italian filmmakers, always following the fil rouge of design and its daily impact.

The festival is clearly a chance to discover and re-discover different subjects, and is within the reach of all: subscription is just 5 euro for all 50 films.

If you live in Milan or are tempted to spend a weekend in our city, we’ll be waiting for you at the Anteo Cinema in Via Milazzo, 9 – 12 October.

Meanwhile, we’ve already started celebrating the design-cinema coupling in our own way by creating a special version of our Lampo bag for the Milan Design Film Festival.


Borsa Lampo edizione speciale Milano Design Film Festival Borsa Lampo edizione speciale Milano Design Film Festival


To cut a long story short, we’ll see you there.


Milan Design Film Festival

9 – 12 October 2014

Anteo spazioCinema, Via Milazzo 9, Milan