Tucano, the Venice Biennale and the Venice International Film Festival: a collaboration that lasts 15 years

1 September 2016

Tucano and Biennale di Venezia have been collaborating for many years and is now reconfirmed with the Architecture edition directed by Alejandro Aravena entitled ‘’Reporting From The Front’’ that will treat themes of sustainability, responsability and social ethic. A prestigious appointment for discoveries and great interest for those who are passionate about art and culture [...]

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Tucano e la Biennale di Venezia, una collaborazione lunga 15 anni

Tucano e la Biennale di Venezia, una collaborazione nata molti anni fa e riconfermata anche dall’attuale edizione Architettura diretta da Alejandro Aravena  e dal titolo  “Reporting From The Front” che quest’anno pone l’accento sulla sostenibilità, sul senso di responsabilità e sulla socialità. Un appuntamento prestigioso, fulcro di interesse e continua scoperta per gli appassionati del [...]

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Scopri quanto geek sei con il nostro test

How geeky are you?

20 October 2015

Once upon a time a word was coined to make fun of technology nuts and those with a technological lifestyle. That word was “geek”, but now times are changing and today being a geek is extremely cool. Do you feel like a bit of a geek too, in your own way? You probably do, if you’re reading this. But [...]

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Adatto Box and more: all the tricks for your suitcase and your holiday

17 July 2015

It’s a well-known fact that there are two types of people in the world. Good and bad? No! Glass half full and glass half empty? Please, we’re being serious! The real difference is between those who have fun packing their suitcase because they already feel like they are on holiday, and others who, on the [...]

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Travelling for pleasure or business? No problem, there’s Shine!

15 May 2015

It might seem strange but often travelling for pleasure or for business has a lot in common. You have different schedules to meet, you are in a hurry to catch the plane (or train) and, in particular, you have a lot of things to take with you, whether it’s for a summer holiday with friends [...]

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Bisi Second Skin clutch

Bisi, the clutch bag that sets a trend

22 April 2015

Creativity, passion and innovation. Basically, these are the characteristics behind every product coming out of Tucano Lab, our creative studio. Yeah, sure, we told you about it just a few days ago, but today we would like to focus on a very peculiar story. Because behind every product there is always something to tell: anecdotes, [...]

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Tucano Lab

Tucano Lab, the studio where everything can happen

14 April 2015

In the past few weeks we have introduced some of our leading products, and talked about the Sporty line and of the latest novelties presented in Barcelona, but today we want to introduce you to a very special place, where everything comes to life. That’s why we celebrate our thirtieth birthday by taking you by [...]

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Shooting great pictures with iPad

5 pointers on how to take perfect photos with your iPad

27 March 2015

At first glance, your iPad has all it needs to take a wonderful photo. Whether it’s a sunset, Sunday lunch or a friend’s birthday, the moment is captured in just a few simple steps: open the dedicated application, focus and then click on the button with the icon at the centre.  Of course, taking a [...]

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Milano Design Film Festival 2014

Design and cinema, an endless affair at MDFF.

1 October 2014

Design and buildings. Design and people. Design in every corner of our cities. The multi-faceted material that we label as “design” is part of our daily life, from sunrise to sunset. At times, we aren’t even aware of it, and at others, it’s right in front of our eyes, in architecture and everyday objects. MDFF [...]

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Accademia di Brera @ Fuorisalone 2014

Beautiful colors and creativity, this is Fuorisalone

10 April 2014

Like every spring the Milan Design Week offers the faboulous event that brings together young designers, hipsters and aimless people: the Fuorisalone. We started from Via Tortona, where professionals and bystanders invade the streets of the neighbourhood in search of something special, browsing through design objects from all over the world made ​​of recycled plastics [...]

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Tucano Rainbow cocktail @ Fuorisalone 14

Tucano Rainbow, cheers! Let’s open the 2014 Fuorisalone

9 April 2014

Cheers! With a toast – well, lots of them actually – we’ve inaugurated last night our Tucano Rainbow initiative for the Milan Design Week. It’s the occasion to showcase what, in our opinion, will be the future of smartphone cases… but not only. Besides our design-related thoughts, Tucano Rainbow is also the place to get [...]

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Tucano Rainbow - Fuorisalone 2014

Rainbow, 1000 colours for the 2014 Fuorisalone.

1 April 2014

From 8th to 12th April, as every year, Milan returns to the stage of international design with Milan Design Week. Naturally, the Salone del Mobile returns with its crackling Fuorisalone fringe events. After last year’s Lifexperience, we’re ready to paint the new 2014 Fuorisalone in a thousand colours with Tucano Rainbow. Our Showroom on Piazza [...]

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