• 10 September 2014

    From Cupertino to Milan: at Tucano, we’ve already got the the new iPhone 6 covered!

    As the new iPhone 6 was presented live from Cupertino, Tucano was ready just a few short hours afterwards to present its new collection of cases for this new smartphone which seems to have arrived from the future. Tucano is first out of the blocks with products perfectly matched to the aesthetics of the new [...]

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  • 16 June 2014

    Tucano signs new agreement with Venice Biennale

    Tucano, leader in the device accessories sector and Corporate segment, has agreed a major new collaboration with the Venice Biennale for its annual architecture, art and cinema events. This partnership between the Foundation and Tucano confirms the company’s international vision and the Venice Biennale’s mission and flair for interpreting style. Tucano’s Corporate Division – which [...]

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  • 27 May 2014

    Ancilia – the Tucano case which protects you from electrosmog! Up to 99% reduction in radiation.

    Surrounded by technology, but always aware of our health – this is the trend that Tucano is responding to with its brand-new Ancilia case, which blocks up to 99% of the radiation produced by our smartphones. Uncompromising in style, Ancilia (which takes its name from the legendary Roman shields) has a refined and essential design [...]

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  • Ancilia: a name from the past, bringing protection to the present

    The name given to the brand-new Ancilia case comes from an ancient Roman legend. The Ancilia were, in fact, 12 sacred shields which were a symbol of protection for ancient Rome. The legend states that the nymph Egeria revealed that these shields would guarantee invincibility to whoever possessed them. From that moment on, these shields [...]

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  • Ancilia – Dephasium and the Scientific Partnership

    Ancilia is a project created by the partnership between Tucano and Dephasium. Dephasium is a company, headquartered in Paris and London, which has coordinated the scientific research for the Ancilia project. This involves liaising with all the laboratories and academic institutions involved, and the company is also co-owner of the patents, alongside the University of [...]

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  • Ancilia – Technical Details

    Ancilia for iPhone 5 and 5s is a special case which protects the user from exposure by shielding up to 99% of the radiation emitted by the smartphone, as well as protecting the phone itself from accidental knocks and falls – all with a smart, contemporary design. Ancilia is available in two versions: Ancilia Premium [...]

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  • 19 April 2014

    Scatto? It’s Italian for “click”!

    We see it everywhere around town – the click of shutters is no longer limited to smartphones now that SLRs have come back into vogue for work and play. Tucano is riding the wave of this trend with the launch of a collection of camera bags for urban photographers, inspired by an outlook which is [...]

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  • 18 April 2014

    In touch with your camera

    For travellers who like to stay in close contact with their camera as well as staying connected, Contatto is the new camera bag from Tucano available in three versions – holster, medium and large. Compact, secure and light, this camera bag is an accessory which stands out with the functionality of its design, ideal for [...]

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  • 5 March 2014

    I’ve got my Eyes on U! Eyes, the new App&Cover from Tucano, is now also available for Galaxy S3 and S4

    Following the iPhone, Tucano now introduces the Eyes App&Cover version for Samsung Galaxy S3s and S4s, an application that with one simple tap makes “your digital eyes” available and immediately visible through the coordinated cover Eyes is the response to the ways of the social generation; a free app created by Tucano for customising iPhones [...]

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  • 13 February 2014

    Tucano bucks the trend: growing on the Italian market and consolidating its position in the USA.

    Tucano closed 2013 with stimulating results for the year, showing a global increase of around 5%. More significantly however are the results from abroad where the subsidiary Tucano USA has achieved, for Franco Luini’s company, an increase of 15%, flanked by the performances of Tucano Srl and Tucano Don Guan that have shown an increase [...]

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  • 6 October 2013

    We’ve got your back, with the latest technology! Tucano’s new backpacks for techno-students and young managers

    The backpack is back! Tucano watches fashion trends with an eye for new technologies. We offer four different versions of our amazing backpack: first, our mini-collection of sporty-chic styles inspired by classic designs – with our Livello, Tech-Yo and Tu Pack; then our modern fashion models, like Fluido, all made from tough, advanced materials, with [...]

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  • 6 June 2013

    Tucano launches four extra-chic cases for the new Samsungs.

    Intelligent and sustainable with an eye on fashion, Tucano’s new cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy S4 are manufactured in skin-effect PU and metal-brush effect imitation leather. With multifunctional devices for using the new Samsungs in every situation, the cases designed by Tucano are veritable platforms for business operations, but also for [...]

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