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  • Migliora la produttività in ufficio

    Increase your creativity and stand out!

    The Christmas Holiday’s are a faraway memory, and New Year’s resolutions too? No! You can make it out! For example, if you have decided to be much more active at work, today we have a few tips for you.   optimize your time and don’t let worry get the better of you   Don’t worry. [...]
  • Cover iPad Pro

    Go big! The iPad Pro is here, and so are all the bags and cases you need to protect it.

    At Cupertino, they are known for tearing up the rulebooks and writing new ones. With the iPad Pro, they are even partially breaking with their own, set out in the Steve Jobs era. And while Jobs himself said that the public doesn’t know what it needs until it is shown, this time Tim Cook’s team [...]