No Curves - Exp(l)oration

Exp(l)oration, beyond the limits of tape art with No Curves

5 February 2015

“We believe in angles, not in straight lines.” This is what No Curves, the artist-philosopher of adhesive tape, maintains. No Curves is, in fact, the pseudonym used by one of Italy’s top proponents of tape art, that is the technique of creating works of art with adhesive tape. From simple stationery or working material, adhesive tape becomes [...]

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World Business Forum Milano 28-29 ottobre 2014

From the stratosphere to the World Business Forum

13 October 2014

What would a man who has jumped to earth from almost 24 miles up say to an audience of managers?   Soon we will find out from the man himself – Felix Baumgartner, the world-famous skydiver who surpassed himself and shattered all records by jumping out of a balloon from the stratosphere for the Red [...]

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Milano Design Film Festival 2014

Design and cinema, an endless affair at MDFF.

1 October 2014

Design and buildings. Design and people. Design in every corner of our cities. The multi-faceted material that we label as “design” is part of our daily life, from sunrise to sunset. At times, we aren’t even aware of it, and at others, it’s right in front of our eyes, in architecture and everyday objects. MDFF [...]

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ESMO Congres - 3D logo

Working together to beat cancer: at the ESMO Congress, Madrid.

19 September 2014

It is the largest oncologist conference in Europe. Yes, today we are here to talk about more serious matters. From 26 to 30 September, more than 17,000 oncologists, including surgeons, immunologists and pathologists, will gather in Madrid for the European conference organised by ESMO, the European Society for Medical Oncology, and Tucano will be beside [...]

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PWES5 2014

Making money on the Net. Too good to be real at PWES5.

15 September 2014

It’s not a code name. PWES5 is the fifth Pane, Web e Salame to be held at the Nuovo Eden Cinema in Brescia on 3 October. After the success of last year’s event, we just had to return. The theme is of interest to all: “Making money on the Net”. Who hasn’t thought of this [...]

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Inauguration Day @ 71st Venice Film Festival / Giornata inaugurale alla 71. Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

Stars, selfies and look-alikes: Live from the opening of the 71st Venice Film Festival.

3 September 2014

There’s postcard Venice, with the pigeons in Piazza San Marco and the shops of Rialto, the packed canal boats and hordes of tourists taking photographs at every street corner. And then there’s the microcosm of the Film Festival which makes the Lido into the world’s catwalk for ten days in August and September of every [...]

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71. Mostra del Cinema di Venezia

Take a seat, the 71st Venice Film Festival is about to begin!

26 August 2014

And so here it is. The 71st Venice International Film Festival will be held from 27 August to 6 September 2014 at the Venice Biennale, and, for the 11th time running, we will be cooperating with our friends at the Biennale. The 2014 schedule is particularly full. The aim of the director, Alberto Barbera, is [...]

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IFA - Technology and... Currywurst

It’s time for currywurst (and technology).

25 July 2014

It’s the beginning of September and summer is drawing to a close; this is when you will begin to smell something special in the air of the German capital. At the IFA electronics trade show, among the huge pavilions of Messe Berlin, the “smell” of the latest technology mixes with the aroma of currywurst, the [...]

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The 2014 Architecture Biennale: Koolhaas’ back to basics.

19 June 2014

Architecture lovers (and architects) of the world: get ready! The 14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale will welcome visitors from all over the world until the  23rd  November. There will be plenty of time to explore it all. The curator of this year’s exhibition, architect Rem Koolhaas, has extended a single theme to all [...]

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Convivio 2014, shopping in solidarity.

6 June 2014

From the 13th to 17th of June, Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, will host the 12th Edition of Convivio, the exhibition-slash-marketplace supporting ANLAIDS, the Italian National Association for the Fight against AIDS. Every two years, the biggest names in fashion – and other sectors – get together to raise funds to help in the fight against [...]

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In viaggio con l'Italia

Touring the peninsula

24 April 2014

The Touring Club Italiano is celebrating its 120th anniversary by presenting a journey through Italy and its history. Until the 25th May, Palazzo della Ragione in Milan will be hosting an interactive exhibition that takes visitors on a tour through the boot-shaped peninsula, its locations and its flavours. But that’s not all. Visitors will be [...]

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Tucano Rainbow - Fuorisalone 2014

Rainbow, 1000 colours for the 2014 Fuorisalone.

1 April 2014

From 8th to 12th April, as every year, Milan returns to the stage of international design with Milan Design Week. Naturally, the Salone del Mobile returns with its crackling Fuorisalone fringe events. After last year’s Lifexperience, we’re ready to paint the new 2014 Fuorisalone in a thousand colours with Tucano Rainbow. Our Showroom on Piazza [...]

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