Shooting great pictures with iPad

5 pointers on how to take perfect photos with your iPad

27 March 2015

At first glance, your iPad has all it needs to take a wonderful photo. Whether it’s a sunset, Sunday lunch or a friend’s birthday, the moment is captured in just a few simple steps: open the dedicated application, focus and then click on the button with the icon at the centre.  Of course, taking a [...]

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Camera Bag Contatto, borsa per fotocamere reflex e mirrorless

Contatto, the camera bag for photography from the heart

26 March 2015

Taking a photograph is an action with many meanings. For some, it is sharing their latest selfie on a social network; for others it has a much deeper meaning. As Henri Cartier Bresson put it: “Photography brings your mind, your eyes and your heart into the same line of sight. It is world to be [...]

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Apple - Tim Cook con il nuovo MacBook 12" super sottile

What do you need to know about the new Apple MacBook?

16 March 2015

It’s been a long wait; we’ve been hearing about it just about everywhere, but finally, on March 9, Apple laid its cards on the table and presented (among other things) its new MacBook. We’ve been told nearly all there is to know about the Apple Watch, so many eyes were trained on the MacBook. And [...]

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Zaino sportivo Cratere

Cratere, the backpack for any type of running

13 March 2015

Barcellona was a real binge. We saw the latest from Samsung, Nokia presented its N1 and Qualcomm even presented the first Maserati connected car concept. What more could you ask for?  The time has come, however, to return to our Milan offices in Piazza Castello, and take up the city rhythm again. Today we present [...]

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MWC visto da Tucano

MWC 2015 as seen from Tucano. Let’s see what happened.

11 March 2015

Precisely a few weeks ago we were here to give you a preview. Do you remember? (link post). Opinions on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 are spreading just like those on the HTC models. Barcellona is in fact a city full of surprises, and so once a year it becomes the world’s hi-tech capital.  All [...]

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