Cover iPad Pro

Go big! The iPad Pro is here, and so are all the bags and cases you need to protect it.

25 November 2015

At Cupertino, they are known for tearing up the rulebooks and writing new ones. With the iPad Pro, they are even partially breaking with their own, set out in the Steve Jobs era. And while Jobs himself said that the public doesn’t know what it needs until it is shown, this time Tim Cook’s team [...]

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Cover weekend

Your last-minute weekend is ready: Istanbul, London or Finland?

20 November 2015

Even though temperatures are dropping, the desire to discover new places is still there. And autumn is the best season to do so: summer has come and gone, but the stress of the holiday season is yet to arrive. That’s why it’s the perfect time for a low-cost weekend to discover the best European cities and other charming [...]

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Scopri quanto geek sei con il nostro test

How geeky are you?

20 October 2015

Once upon a time a word was coined to make fun of technology nuts and those with a technological lifestyle. That word was “geek”, but now times are changing and today being a geek is extremely cool. Do you feel like a bit of a geek too, in your own way? You probably do, if you’re reading this. But [...]

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Dark work-in bag - Lavora viaggiando

Wi-Fi and away! Now you can work while travelling.

14 October 2015

We are ever increasingly mobile, nomadic, and geekier. While a diamond may be forever, a desk doesn’t have to be. With Ultrabook’s and MacBook’s becoming thinner and lighter by the day, working (and having fun) while travelling or in the places which inspire us most is becoming part of everyday life. Yes, there is a growing army choosing to leave behind the [...]

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Borsa Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015

Just one more month for a trip to the Expo – and to show off your Italian pride

7 October 2015

There is just one more month until Expo Milan 2015 closes. Not been there yet? Well you’d better hurry – although to tell you the truth, you’re not the only one. Proof of this are the record numbers of recent visitors: just the week of the 13th to the 20th of September saw more than a million people (really, [...]

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