Cover app per ufficio

Office, study and business. The 4 must-have applications.

27 April 2015

Look away from the screen for a minute and cast your eye over your desk. What do you see? Loose papers, notes, documents, post-its, snacks, pens, etc. In short: chaos. It doesn’t matter if you are studying for an exam or organising the presentation for your next meeting. Desks are all the same, the indomitable [...]

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Bisi Second Skin clutch

Bisi, the clutch bag that sets a trend

22 April 2015

Creativity, passion and innovation. Basically, these are the characteristics behind every product coming out of Tucano Lab, our creative studio. Yeah, sure, we told you about it just a few days ago, but today we would like to focus on a very peculiar story. Because behind every product there is always something to tell: anecdotes, [...]

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Tucano Lab

Tucano Lab, the studio where everything can happen

14 April 2015

In the past few weeks we have introduced some of our leading products, and talked about the Sporty line and of the latest novelties presented in Barcelona, but today we want to introduce you to a very special place, where everything comes to life. That’s why we celebrate our thirtieth birthday by taking you by [...]

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Libro & Elektro covers for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

Now in: – Our covers for the Samsung S6 and the S6 Edge

10 April 2015

Big announcements are always something special – because after so much work it is always a pleasure to share our new creations with one and all. And so, calling all Samsung fans: The waiting is over! That right, because after Barcelona and the Mobile World Congress, Libro and Elektro, our covers for the Samsung S6 [...]

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Shooting great pictures with iPad

5 pointers on how to take perfect photos with your iPad

27 March 2015

At first glance, your iPad has all it needs to take a wonderful photo. Whether it’s a sunset, Sunday lunch or a friend’s birthday, the moment is captured in just a few simple steps: open the dedicated application, focus and then click on the button with the icon at the centre.  Of course, taking a [...]

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