Cover for the new iPad Air 2

Thinner than ever. Yes, it’s the iPad Air 2.

17 October 2014

The location is not as imposing as the Flint Center where the iPhone 6 was unveiled to the world on the 9th of September. Nevertheless, Apple continued its mission to offer ever-thinner devices at the Town Hall Auditorium in Cupertino, CA, in defiance of bendgate, launching the second generation iPad Air.   The thinnest ever. [...]

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World Business Forum Milano 28-29 ottobre 2014

From the stratosphere to the World Business Forum

13 October 2014

What would a man who has jumped to earth from almost 24 miles up say to an audience of managers?   Soon we will find out from the man himself – Felix Baumgartner, the world-famous skydiver who surpassed himself and shattered all records by jumping out of a balloon from the stratosphere for the Red [...]

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Milano Design Film Festival 2014

Design and cinema, an endless affair at MDFF.

1 October 2014

Design and buildings. Design and people. Design in every corner of our cities. The multi-faceted material that we label as “design” is part of our daily life, from sunrise to sunset. At times, we aren’t even aware of it, and at others, it’s right in front of our eyes, in architecture and everyday objects. MDFF [...]

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Tessera & Innovo Designed for Surface

Tucano’s new tablet cases for Surface Pro 3 are “Designed for Surface”

27 September 2014

Tucano is pleased to announce its partnership with Microsoft in the design of a tablet case for the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3. We are very excited about the partnership between our affiliated American company Tucano USA and Microsoft through the “Designed for Surface” program on all of the products that we have developed specifically [...]

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ESMO Congres - 3D logo

Working together to beat cancer: at the ESMO Congress, Madrid.

19 September 2014

It is the largest oncologist conference in Europe. Yes, today we are here to talk about more serious matters. From 26 to 30 September, more than 17,000 oncologists, including surgeons, immunologists and pathologists, will gather in Madrid for the European conference organised by ESMO, the European Society for Medical Oncology, and Tucano will be beside [...]

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